This is the story of a community coming together to make a difference for the future of its children.

Part of a movement in educational progress in Ecuador…

In January 2019, the Ministry of Education approved the implementation of the Innovation and Improvement program in the fiscal school of the Ayampe campus (Manabí, Ecuador), promoted and directed by Ph. D. Sergio Carneros Revuelta.

The program led to the integral transformation of the first institution in Ayampe, Ecuador (facilities, materials, methodology, evaluation, teacher training …) and transforming the School into a reference model, continuously visited by national and international teachers, researchers, press, television and important authorities.

The communities of Curia, Masphi, Saloya, El Jurón, El Barro and Puerto La Boca, upon learning about this educational transformation initiative, join this program in January 2020.

After verifying its transformative results and community support, public and private entities come together to support these benchmark schools that are demonstrating that fiscal institutions can be an example of quality, innovation and justice if their community struggles to achieve it.

Through direct community support, an opportunity is born…

The Community of Puerto La Boca is a tight-knit community located in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. The community primarly consists of people involved in artesenal fishing and small-scale farming sectors. Starting in 2020, the community of Puerto La Boca was chosen as one of the seven communities to be part of the new pilot program of Improvement and Innovation in Ecuador.

In an extraordinary show of support by the local community, almost one and a half acres of privately owned land, shared by members of the community was donated in commitment and solidarity for the construction of a new school and a better chance at academic opportunity for their future generations.

We are the United Community Schools

We are communities that come together in a network to support, strengthen and nurture each other.

We are schools convinced of transformation because we know that it is not only about innovating, it is about an integral change to achieve community development, well-being, guarantee a better present and future for everyone and to achieve greater Social and Environmental Justice.