Help make their future brighter

Give the gift of education to the kids of Puerto La Boca, Ecuador.

(An Escuelas Comunitarias Unidas Project)


As one of seven pilot schools approved in Ecuador for the Escuelas Comunitarias Unidas Project (ECU), the Green Kids School in Puerto La Boca, Manabi is the only school being constructed completely from scratch in direct coordination with the community. The People of Puerto La Boca have donated their own private land in direct support of providing a better future for their children.
We ask you to join in helping them with this effort.

The Innovation & Improvement Program

The Innovation and Improvement Project (Ayampe Model) makes the fiscal school transform in an integral way, so that it becomes the engine of change and progress in its community.

School as an agent of change
School as a social and environmental lift
Fair and quality Education


As part of the Innovation & Improvement Project and with the application of the ChanGo Method, Escuelas Comunitarias Unidas hold four core principles at their foundation:


    We live in a democratic system and that means that starting with our educational institutions we have to train our new citizens so that they can not only guarantee their being but improve it as well.

    As such, our schools are governed by democratic organizations such as the Circles of Coexistence or an assembly, where all the boys and girls participate and decide on the rules and operation.

    At the same time we promote autonomy (the right of self-government), critical thinking and individual responsibility with regards to school operation.


    Education has the capacity to transform and be an engine of community development. For this reason, our school wants to be a school by all and for all, that opens its doors to the community and helos to make families an axis of change.

    We introduce into the school learning activities related to the community and ancestral knowledge such as fishing, carpentry, gardening, sewing, cooking, etc. and in turn, the students carry out community transformation projects.


    For there to be real learning and positive coexistence, it is necessary to respect the characteristics, interests and development rates of each girl and boy. We understand that each child is different and that we must accompany them to enrich themselves in order for them to reach their full potential.

    For this, we offer a safe, respectful and comprehensive development space (emotional, social, physical and cognitive) mediated by professionals who act as companions and guides for students, far from both authoritarianism or violence.


    We need students to actively participate in their learning throughout the school day, seeking to reapply the knowledge acquired in a practical way. This helps them to interact continuously and to be motivated in their tasks.

    Our schools work using active methodologies such as corner learning, cooperative learning and project learning. All the methodologies and tools used are based on scientific evidence drawn from neuroscience and psychopedagogy.



While direct donation is the most effective method presently for helping the construction of the school, volunteer efforts and partnership are welcomed.


Support the direct construction of the school along with materials and necessities through our GOFUNDME campaign.


Work with us to directly volunteer labor, supplies or logistical support.


Help us spread the word by becoming a vocal ambassador of our goal.


If you have questions or would like to extend your support for the school, please contact us today.